Our Process

We tailor our circular solutions to your unique workwear needs to ensure a seamless integration into your existing processes.

Guiding you in establishing a collection system within your business to encourage responsible waste practices across your organisation and among employees.

Creating bespoke samples from your textiles to ensure upcycled products are tailored to your specific textile requirements.

Aligning our solutions with your sustainability goals: we provide a flexible range that allows you to tailor the perfect combination of solutions, with our expert guidance.

Our Process

Step 01

Collection & Sorting

  • Textiles will be weighed, sorted and dismantled at our warehouse in Malaga by the skilled participants in our employment programs.
  • Our team will provide a precise confirmation of the upcycling, rebranding, redistribution, and recycling potential for your items, tailored to your desired outcome.



  • Our skilled team of participants upcycle and/or rebrand your textiles.
  • Textiles designated for recycling undergo dismantling and preparation for the recycling process.

Step 03


  • Upcycled items will be returned to your business to be given a second life.
  • Rebranded textiles will be either reused by your business or find new homes through our network of partners in Western Australia
  • Dismantled textiles will undergo recycling through our trusted chemical recycling partner in Australia.