Loop Foundation

The Loop Foundation is a separate social enterprise organisation. It is through the connection to the Loop Foundation that Loop Upcycling can create meaningful social impact.

The Foundation engages with key partners such as Mercy Care, that provide employment and training opportunities for members of the community experiencing vulnerability, such as refugees, new migrants, survivors of domestic violence and more.

When Loop Upcycling secures a new client project, it is able to deliver transformation projects such as ‘upcycling’ and ‘rewear’ products, where the garments are disassembled, and sewn into new products by employed participants. These participants often come from culturally diverse backgrounds, and have different reasons for being part of the program. What is a common connection is the positive impact it has on each participant. Their sense of achievement, confidence and connection to other members in their community and often drawing on skills they have acquired in their home countries all brings a sense of purpose, and provides income too to support loved ones.

Through the Loop Foundation with Partners like Mercy Care, we can continue to create positive social impact, creating meaningful and long lasting skills that can provide future employment opportunities and friendships.