Give textiles that cannot be upcycled, reworn or redistributed a new lease on life through our chemical recycling partner, right here in Australia.

This solution is suitable for:

Textiles that are unable to be upcycled, reworn or redistributed.

Please note, any scraps left over from the rebranding or upycling process will be recycled for a fee.

We are committed to ensuring nothing ends up in landfill. Anything that is unable to be redistributed or upcycled, as well as any scraps leftover from the upcyling process, will be recycled through our partner and transformed into new, raw materials, right here in Australia.

Just 1kg of recycled textile waste saves the equivalent of 30kg of CO2.

Each of our solutions actively contribute to forging a circular textile economy by diverting materials away from landfills and promoting responsible corporate textile consumption.

Recycling Case Studies