Transform your textiles into fresh, functional products to be reused by your business.

This solution is suitable for:

Various types of material (e.g. workwear, banner
mesh). If we can sew it, we can save it!

Textiles of varying quality, sizing & conditions.

We work closely with you to ensure we understand what products would be most useful and impactful to transform your textiles into, so as to minimise not only your waste but also your consumption.

We encourage our clients to upcycle their textiles into items they currently use or purchase, such as items: for staff, for events, community groups you may support.

What material can we upcycle?

If we can sew it, we can save it! We upcycle all sorts of different materials. We mainly upcycle workwear, but also work with material such as banner mesh and vinyl marquees.

What can we make?

We have the creative capacity to craft a diverse array of products, from tote bags and duffle bags to pencil cases, bucket hats, lunch bags, rags and more. The possibilities are boundless. However, the specific product options are contingent upon the type of material, as well as considerations of sizing and quality. Take a look at our product showcase below.

To guarantee that every product aligns perfectly with your unique material specifications, we design bespoke product samples using your provided materials prior to production.

As part of our commitment to ensuring no textiles end up in landfill, any scraps leftover from the upcycling process will be recycled for a fee.

Each of our solutions actively contribute to forging a circular textile economy by diverting materials away from landfills and promoting responsible corporate textile consumption.

Our Upcycled Products

Upcycling Case Studies