Give your workwear a second life, through secure rebranding and redistribution solutions.

This solution is suitable for:

Workwear in good condition that can be reworn.

We understand companies often go through rebrandings, and staff members come and go, which leaves uniforms in perfectly good condition to be simply discarded due to branding issues.

We provide solutions that ensure workwear is given a second life through secure and creative rebranding options.

Rebranded workwear will either be returned to your business to be reused, or redistributed through our partners here in Australia
(where possible).

As part of our commitment to ensuring no textiles end up in landfill, any scraps leftover from the rebranding process will be recycled for a fee.

Each of our solutions actively contribute to forging a circular textile economy by diverting materials away from landfills and promoting responsible corporate textile consumption.

Rewear Case Studies